Annual Pro Mens Senegal Tournament is announced

Olympiacos Melbourne is pleased to announce the creation of its latest Helping Kids initiative, the Olympiacos Melbourne Annual Pro Mens Senegal Tournament.

This tournament is an annual philanthropic event that builds a bridge over 3 continents to help struggling players from Australia and from Africa.

Played at Dakar, Senegal, this annual event will run over 1 week from 5-11 September. The tournament will be played at Alassane Djigo stadium, with a capacity of 10,000 spectators. Tickets are free, allowing struggling members of  local community be able to watch and support their loved ones.

players from Australia and Africa will be playing under the supervision of European agents. The teams announced for the first tournament are:

  1. Olympiacos Melbourne
  2. AS Pikine FC
  3. ASC Jokko
  4. ASC Ifan

TV coverage is currently being organised. We invited media partners and sponsors to contact us on +61 3 8592 0162 to discuss how we can help struggling players achieve a chance to be seen for the professional European career.

For any media enquiries, please contact Steve Papadopoulos at Olympiacos Melbourne on +61 3 8591 0162.

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