Tiffany Eliades, first woman in our scouting process, joins Atletico Ouriense

Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropy has the pleasure to announce the first female senior Euro pro player signed via the Olympiacos Melbourne Scouting Process.

Tiffany Eliades, who previously played for Melbourne Victory, was identified by our football scouting process and has now successfully signed at Portuguese Division 1 Club, Atletico Ouriense.

Olympiacos Melbourne described the news as a historic moment for their scouting process. It will be difficult to forget that they managed to get a woman playing in a Division 1 team in Portugal. Olympiacos Melbourne managed to achieve this in such a short period of time and look forward to continuing to help other women turn their dreams into a reality.

Following her departure on Saturday 2 September to Portugal, Tiffany was given the opportunity to showcase her experience at a women’s Portuguese Division 1 club, Altletico Ouriense, who have since welcomed her on board and have placed her in their starting 11. At 28 years of age, Olympiacos Melbourne’s Euro Pro scouting process has helped her career get the boost it rightly deserves. She will now be playing in the Portuguese National Women’s Competition, a national Division 1 league. She will be playing in stadiums against other women’s clubs such as Benfica, Braga and Sporting Portugal.

Tiffany was found via the Olympiacos Melbourne European pro scouting process, that seeks females who are on the fringe of making to it National teams, A-league teams and NPL clubs and are seeking to further ignite their career. Through the women’s network that Olympiacos Melbourne has now established in Europe, Olympiacos Melbourne can now assist women get an opportunity to showcase their skills in pursuit of playing professionally overseas.

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