Appointment of Sergei Kundik, Olympiacos Melbourne European representative for the Senior Euro Pro Pathway

Olympiacos Melbourne Football Philanthropy wishes to announce the appointment of our European representative.

Sergei Kundik, is a retired professional European football player with an extensive European playing history. Originally from Russia, Sergei played at a Russian soccer tournament where he was identified as the best player in the tournament. Here, he was awarded a professional contract at the age of 9 with FC Porto in Portugal. Sergei’s family were offered a place to live, as well as a work arrangement for his parents. Sergei and his family accepted the offer and they all moved to Portugal.

Sergei continued to train and play at FC Porto’s and Bragas academy teams for a number of years, where he played alongside team mates such as Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United, Portuguese National Team) and Jose Sa (Wolverhampton, Portuguese National Team).

From there, Sergei continued to play with clubs such as Rangers FC, Anagennisi Deryneia FC and Doxa Katokopias FC in Cyprus, APS Zakynthos and Panegialios Greece and Laval United in Dubai.

Plagued by a number of injuries, Sergei was unable to retain the long career he wished he could have. Through the network he built, and the strong reputation he has as a player assessor, as well as his integrity, he has now made it his aim to assist the next generation of players.

Sergei was first introduced to Cristhian Garcia, where he noticed how talented he was, even at his current age. Sergei admired his skill, combined with his work ethic to retain himself at an elite level. He then made contact with Olympiacos Melbourne, where he obtained a greater understanding of our organisation.

Sergei learned about the football philanthropy, including how we help struggling families to get their kids back into sport. He admired how we are still actively looking to further reduce our costs to also help homeless families also. He understood that, as a philanthropic endeavour, we are here to help the kids first and foremost. After creating a place of refuge for the kids, the skills of the players improves to the extend that they themselves decide to pursue a higher level of soccer.

After seeing the consistency of results created by this football philanthropy, Sergei decided to become our European representative.

Sergey is a valuable addition to the senior Euro pro pathway, managing to get our three senior players into pro Euro football, all of whom are now classed as pro Euro players.

As the Australian most playing biographies in Australia are not recognised in Europe, Sergei is willing to work with players based on their merit, not on their biography. He is willing to work with them to show European clubs that there is an Australian program that consistently shows results.

Our accurate assessment is what Sergei appreciated, knowing that there is a solid Australian location where he can get accurate information he can rely on.

We look forward to working with Sergei for years to come, and continue to look forward to continue to sharing news on how we have helped kids in Melbourne to also get an equal opportunity that all kids deserve.

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